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The pricing for the Storage Drive Wiping service varies accordingly:


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Please Note: A computer is unable to run without an operating system to run on. Therefore, the service in which we only wipe your computer's storage drive is only useful if you are selling/giving the computer to someone who would like to install an OS on their own or you are throwing the computer away. However, if you do plan to throw away your computer, why not donate it to TechWizard Cares? With TechWizard Cares, we wipe your computer's storage drive to the same specification used for this service, donate it to a reputable donation organization and give you a $10 TechWizard Credit.



Chart Information


-OS is the abbreviation for operating system. The operating system is the piece of software that controls a computer's functions. Mac OS and Windows are the most common examples of operating systems.


-The Storage Drive is the location on which a computer stores all information, files, and the system OS. The best way to remove a computer user's personal data from the system is to wipe the entire storage drive of it's data, including the operating system. This is why an OS must be reinstalled on a computer after it's storage drive is wiped and before it is used.


-Ubuntu OS - This operating system is the most popular distribution of Linux, the most-used open-source OS in the world and the third most popular operating system, after Windows and Mac OS. It features a user interface much like that of the two most popular operating systems and comes preloaded with many popular open-source applications, such as Firefox and LibreOffice, the latter of which can ably handle Microsoft Office files.


-Joli OS - This up-and-coming web-app based operating system is built from the Ubuntu and Chromium frameworks but features the unique ability to automatically sync with a user's online Jolicloud account. This means that the OS requires no maintenance by the end user and will automatically sync all of the user's applications, web apps, settings, backgrounds, social connections and, with the help of Dropbox and Google Docs integration, files from one Joli OS-running computer to another. It also allows a user to access their Joli OS desktop from the Jolicloud web portal and use all of their web apps from any internet-connected computer in the world. It features a simple app-grid-based user interface and contains the Chrome web browser. Users can also install both native and web apps from the Joli OS application store to extend their experience.



Due to the unfortunately complicated nature of this chart, we will be glad to answer any of your questions at 1 (516) 450-5278.



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