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August 3, 2015 Update: Moving on...




My name is Michael, and almost five years ago, I founded TechWizard. It's been a long and incredible journey since, and I am so glad I was able to have this experience. However, it is now time to move on. I'm going away to college, onto a new journey of its own, and have decided to shut down TechWizard. The order form page has been removed, and we will no longer be actively monitoring our company email address, phone number, or social media pages. However, we will be leaving all such remnants of the company otherwise untouched for posterity's sake. Our most frequent customers already have my personal lines of communication, and are welcome to contact me through such methods to set up appointments on a case-by-case basis. 


Thanks for all the great years,





     Hi! I'm Michael, the founder of TechWizard. I started the company in October of 2010 for one reason. It really annoyed me how much big technology retailers charged for their services. Therefore, we are founded on the belief that the cost of technology services should not exceed the cost of the technology being serviced. I also hated how they used fancy technology mumbo-jumbo to try to confuse the customer. It never had any effect on me, but I'm sure it confused a lot of customers into believing the company's services were something special. And with all of the hidden fees, it seemed like they were just out to get you.

     We are here to fix that. With fair prices, plain English explanations and no hidden fees, we feel that we are one of the best choices for your technical consulting needs. We aren't associated with any other companies, so we will find the best product to fit your needs. We will not lure you into buying a more expensive product if a cheaper one better suits you. Because of this, we do not pressure you and offer our unbiased help and knowledge.

     Check out our Rates and Services tab for more information, and you can order our services through the Order Form tab. If you have an old device you want to get rid of, visit the TechWizard Cares tab for more information on how you can donate it through us and get a $10 TechWizard credit.