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Quotes My son's laptop was seriously corrupted by a virus and I was about to throw it out of the window out of frustration. Michael stepped in and took the laptop, did his diagnostics and techwizardry -- and poof, the laptop is up and running again. Throughout the process he kept us informed of his progress and delivered back to us a fully-functional machine. The fee for his services was incredibly reasonable and he even called a few days later to confirm we were satisfied with the repair. A totally professional experience and highly recommended. Quotes
Myron Horbachevsky

Quotes Michael of TechWizard has helped me with my technical needs in the past at a fair rate. More recently, Michael has facilitated my transition into the Apple world. He made it smooth and seamless and he offered the service of setting up my email on my new iPhone to me as a courtesy for being a good customer. He patiently and concisely explained what I needed to do to access my emails. He also answered many of my questions about my new phone. I would highly recommend Michael for any technical needs. Quotes
Barbe Ramon

Quotes We are very happy that we chose Michael of TechWizard for our recent computer repair. We've spent a fortune over the years bringing our computers to big name electronic stores, who were often unable to completely fix the problems. Since Michael repaired our computer, we've had no problems and it is running faster than ever! We were very impressed with his professionalism, expertise, and fast turn around. TechWizard's customer service is truly unbeatable. Michael was kind and patient, and knew just the right amount of information to give without overwhelming us. TechWizard's rates are extremely reasonable, and with no hidden fees. We highly recommend using TechWizard! Quotes
The Sherer Family

Quotes We recently bought a new computer and we weren't sure how to transfer the old files to it or how to set up certain new systems. Our TechWizard representative, Michael, knew exactly what to do and, in the process, made sure that our computer and files were properly protected. Michael was available to answer questions after the setup session over the phone (no waiting on hold) and was also able to fix a problem we were having. He walked us step by step through the process to correct the problem and stayed on the phone to make sure that everything was working properly. All for no extra charge! Now that's customer service! We would definitely recommend using TechWizard and we will definitely be using them for all of our future technological needs. Quotes
The Tortorice Family