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Rates and Services


Product Research ($35)

Do you have something that you want to have the technology to do (Ex: View your photos on your TV), but don't know what product(s) you need to buy to give you the ability to do it? With this service, you tell us what you want to have the technology to do, then we research the best product(s) that give you the ability to do it.


Product Purchase ($30 + Cost of Product)

Do you know what product you want to buy, but are too busy to find the time to purchase it? Do you want to avoid the annoying salespeople who are always trying to sell you more than you need? With this service, you just tell us what product you want, and we find where to get it for the best price. Then we purchase the product and deliver it to your doorstep.


Product Setup (Price Varies)

Do you have a new product, but don't have the technical know-how or time to set it up? With this service, we come to your house to set up your new product to your specifications.*


RAM Upgrade ($75 + Cost of RAM)

Is your computer unable to handle more than 1 or 2 applications at a time? Are you unable to run memory-intensive movie or photo editing applications? Upgrading the RAM (Random Access Memory) in your computer may help by giving these programs more room to temporarily store program data. With this service, we find the best RAM for your computer then install it.


Storage Drive Wipe (Price Varies)

Are you selling or giving away your old computer? Do you want to be sure that all of your personal data is removed before it leaves your possession? Wipe the storage drive on your computer and you won't have to worry. With this service, we wipe your computer's hard drive of all of it's data to the Department of Defense's 5220.22-M specification for data sanitization. Then, optionally, we install a new operating system.


Software Install ($40)

Did you just buy an operating system update or new piece of software and need to install it? Don't install it on your own and risk ruining your computer! Allow us to install it for you! With this service, we install the new software onto your computer for you and configure it to run at it's best.


Technology Instruction ($15/hour)

Did you just buy a new device or piece of software and need help learning how to use it? We can teach you! With this service, we come to your house and teach you the basics of the new product.


Personal Shopping ($25/hour)

Do you want to buy a new product but you don't want to be at risk of being misinformed by a sales associate or a tricky advertising scheme? Because a salesperson is usually paid from a portion of the price of your purchase, they will usually try to sell you the most expensive product instead of one that fits your needs for a lower price. Also, some stores will tell their sales associates to try to sell more of a product that they are having trouble selling (usually because it is a bad product), instead of one that fits the customer's needs. Even some product advertisements and specifications are not completely true. And online product reviews are not to be trusted. What if the product reviewer didn't know how to correctly use the product and they posted a negative review when the problem wasn't with the product, but the reviewer? All of this trickery and misinformation puts the consumer in a confusing situation. Who and what can they trust? Allow TechWizard to help. With this service, we come to the store with you while you shop and help you pick the best products for you and your needs. We aren't commissioned by (or related to) any stores, so it doesn't affect us which product you buy. Therefore, we can offer you our unbiased help and technology knowledge while you make your technology purchase.


Website Design (Price Varies)

Do you need a professionally designed website but don't want to do it yourself? Due to popular demand, we now offer website design and setup as an official service! Ask us today about making a custom website for you or your business!


*Product setup differs from product installation; your TechWizard representative will be able to identify which category your situation fits into during your free phone consultation. Your TechWizard representative is only able to perform product setups and is therefore unable to perform product installations.