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TechWizard Cares

     We created the TechWizard Cares program because we hated to see usable electronic devices become e-waste when they could benefit someone else. All donated devices are put through a rigorous information removal process then donated to a reputable donation organization. (In the case of a donated computer, it is wiped to the same Department of Defense 5220.22-M specification for data sanitization that is used for the Storage Drive Wiping service.) Then, the donor receives a $10 TechWizard credit for use on a future service.




 To be donated, a device must comply with the following guidelines:



1. It must still be in a usable condition and not be severely broken in any way.


2. It must be donated with all original wires, chargers, included accessories and components.


3. It must not require an additional purchase to function.




To donate, submit an Order Form with TechWizard Cares selected as a service.